Triple Delight at Horizon

Congratulations to Horizon employees Daniel Bell, Simon Bray and Scott Grant who have all become proud dads for the first time, all within 6 months of each other.

Daniel Bell and his partner Tarah Reynolds set the ball rolling with the birth of their son Harrison Bell, 9lbs 6oz on the 25th of May at 1.05 in the afternoon, Simon was next to become a dad with his partner Abi Mankee giving birth to their daughter Indi-Rose Bray at 12.20pm on the 5th of November weighing 8lb  ½oz with Scott Grant’s partner Valene giving birth to their bundle of joy Malyka Grant weighing 6lb 14oz at 1.21am on the 12th of November.

Daniel & Harrison
Scott (2)
Scott, Valene & Malyka
Simon, Abi & Indie-Rose







Daniel joined his brother Gary at Horizon in 2011 and has been working with his brother who has been helping him to gain his NVQ Level 2 in roof slating and tiling, a delighted Daniel said “I couldn’t be happier, I now have a family it’s incredible”.

Simon joined Horizon as a roofing apprentice in 2002 is now fully qualified having completed his NVQ level 2 & level 3 and is now at the top of his trade, Simon said of the birth of his daughter “it’s the best feeling in the world, I am so proud of Abi and my daughter”.

Scott started with Horizon in 2010 and has qualified as a Roofer through on site assessment to NVQ level 2 and is working towards NVQ level 3, when asked how he felt now he was a dad Scott said “I’m made up and I know everyone says it but I feel like I’ve grown up in the last few days, I’m now responsible for this tiny little baby it’s unbelievable”.

From everyone at Horizon Roofing we would like to congratulate Daniel & Tarah, Simon & Abi, Scott & Valene on the birth of their babies Harrison, Indie-Rose & Malyka and wish them all the very best for the future.

Redland Launches Craftsman

Redland introduces the latest in its range of Great British Rosemary clay tiles, the Craftsman, which is being manufactured in its Bedworth plant in the Midlands.


The manufacturer has invested heavily in the plant to facilitate a unique manufacturing process where the tiles are produced on a unique manufacturing line to achieve a heritage look as required by many specifiers in the South East region.

The launch coincides with the 175th birthday of the first ever Rosemary tile being sold on the UK market. Since that day Rosemary tiles have been inextricably-linked with Britain’s vernacular architectural style.

The tile has a fine orange-red sanding over its surface, which is complimented by random black patterning to imitate a weathered surface. This affords the heritage look while maintaining all the attributes and strength of a brand new tile.

It has a random textured surface and underside combined with textured and sanded sides and front edge. Other characteristics of the tile are its irregular front edge distortion and varying hanging length. All these features combine to accurately replicate the look of genuinely hand-made clay tile.

Andy Dennis, Sales Director at Redland said: “We are very proud of our Rosemary clay range. It has been consistently in demand for the last 175 years and the new Craftsman launch reinforces the Rosemary brand as the premier clay tile in the UK. The launch of the Craftsman very much represents this as the product boasts the look and style of a heritage tile yet the strength and reliability of a new one.”

The Craftsman is positioned against hand-made tiles for residential developments. Demand is currently being led from the South East where an increase in sales has been recorded due to a spike in the volume of new build starts and clear demand for clay products.

Horizon continue Sponsorship of local football club

Horizon Roofing have continued their sponsorship of local football team Trevenson FC 1st team, Horizon have been sponsoring Trevenson for the last 10 years and each year they also manage to raise further sponsorship from their suppliers and clients.

Trevenson FC is a community charted football club based in the Pool area and has teams which range from a soccer school for under 7’s and there on teams at each age group up to under 16’s as well as a disabled team and a girls team, there are also an adults disabled team and 2 adults teams that play in the Trelawny League.

Horizon Roofing Managing Director Spencer Osborn who also manages the adult first team said ” As a community club we accept all young adults from all different types of background and football aside we help them achieve some structure and discipline to their daily lives and give them the opportunity to learn the importance of teamwork with a sense of pride which in the past has proved successful in preventing them taking an entirely different route. I have been at this club for 14 years now either as a player or manager and have seen some great players come through the club, i have also seen a lot of ups and downs over the years and if it wasn’t for the generosity of companies who sponsor us year in year out this club would of folded by now which would of left a big hole in the local community so i would like to say a big thanks to all those that sponsor us”


This year not only has Horizon sponsored the main team kit but they have also had sponsorship from Tony Puffett at Independant Slate Supplies, John Lee at Cornwall Cullet, Kevin Murch at CG Fry & Sons, Ian Coleman at Property Care Builders, Anthony Dale at Protec Scaffolding, Frank Royle at New Horizon Building Contractors and Martin Salway at The Roofing Centre all of which was greatly appreciated by the club.

To learn more about Trevenson FC or if you wish to help out or sponsor the club please visit their website or contact Spencer Osborn at


Avoiding Condensation in pitched roofs

Vapour permeable underlays were once heralded as the answer to condensation in cold roof spaces. It is true that their introduction to the market has helped greatly, but experience is telling us clearly that traditional ventilation is actually the only way to be sure to avoid a problem that is most acute in newly completed houses.


This fact was recognised by the NHBC a couple of years ago when an increasing number of complaints regarding condensation-related damage in roofs drew attention to the problem. The organisation produced guidance in 2011 to remind builders that ventilation, at eaves and particularly at ridge level, is the recommended system for cold roofs.

The science is relatively straightforward: the rates of moisture removal that can be achieved via ventilation (convection) are far greater than can be achieved by diffusion, the method that most vapour permeable underlays rely on for their function.

The starting point is effective eaves-to-eaves ventilation. A gap is created between the insulation and underlay at the eaves so that air comes into the roof space and out the other side.

Introducing this type of low-level ventilation is a relatively straightforward process as part of a new roof construction and it can also be retrofitted to solve a recognised problem. Redland provides a number of component options to integrate this ventilation into the roof system.

While eaves-to-eaves ventilation is a good starting point it will not necessarily solve the condensation problem on its own. This is because it is dependent on wind to create the through-draft necessary to take the water vapour out of the roof space and factors such as lack of wind or building orientation can reduce the effectiveness of this method of ventilation.

Moreover, for steeply pitched roofs a through-draft from eaves to eaves may not be totally effective in removing pockets of stagnant moist air trapped in the apex.

Consequently we always recommend a combination of low and high level ventilation for cold roofs where a vapour permeable or non-breather underlay is in use. The only exception is where a well-sealed ceiling can be achieved: in this case with a vapour permeable underlay the roof can function with just high level ventilation.

The high level ventilation product, situated either at or near the ridge of the roof (perhaps in the second course of tiles down) is an effective form of passive roof ventilation in all weather conditions: it forms a stack effect, creating a draw that is not dependent on wind.

We published our own technical guidance document on this issue in 2011 and the conclusions are in accordance with both NHBC recommendations and the British Standard BS 5250.

Get to Know an Horizon Employee Through an Interview with………………….

ScottEditor: What is your full name and age?
Scott: Wow you have a short memory, Scott Laity and I am 26

Editor: What is your current Job Role?
Scott: Senior Roofing Estimator, yes I know I’m the only estimator but it sounds better.

Editor: Are you married, engaged, co-habiting or just single?
Scott: Engaged to the gorgeous Katie Dale

Editor: And do you have you any children?
Scott: Just become a proud dad with my 8 week old daughter Phoebe

Editor: Ok so what is your Nick Name?
Scott:  Most people call me Laity but yes before you say it at Horizon I have been nick named “The Sloth”

Editor: Why is that?
Scott: Don’t have a clue to be honest.

Editor: If you hadn’t been born in this century, when and where would you?
Scott:  Victorian times would be my choice, as this was the age of discovery and invention.

Editor: Apart from your boss, who are your heroes?
Scott: I would have to say my granddad who served in World War 2; he used to tell me some fantastic stories when I was a kid.

Editor: Sounds like Uncle Albert, what do you do in your spare time?
Scott:  I play junior football for a local team Trevenson FC, cricket for Barriper CC and I also try to get out for a round of golf when I can although not as often as I used to now the baby has arrived.

Editor: Sorry I’m confused; didn’t you say your nick name was “The Sloth” as you seem to be too active for a sloth?
Scott: What was that? Sorry I dozed off

Editor:  Never mind, what would you rather do? Watch a movie or read a book?
Scott: Watch a movie it’s less work as I haven’t got to turn any pages.

Editor: I’m starting to see the “Sloth” thing now, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Scott: 5 years older I hope

Editor: Do you have any childhood friends?
Scott: Yes I still have lots as i haven’t really grown up yet

Editor:  Who’s played the most influential part in your life?
Scott: My dad as for all the knockbacks he has had in his life he has always managed to get back on his feet, which has taught me never to give up.

Editor: That’s nice, what types of music do you like and listen too?
Scott: I love music, I am currently listen to The offspring, Greenday, Blink 182 all that type of classic punk rock is what I like.

Editor: Wow i don’t get that never mind, if you had one superpower, what would it be?
Scott: Invisibility as it would make you a great hide and seek player, also you could just disappear for an afternoon and chill out without anyone interrupting you.

Editor: Now that ties in, which is the one film that you could watch over and over again?
Scott: Dodge ball an underdogs story, it cracks me up every time.

Editor:  How do you spend a typical Sunday?
Scott: There is nothing better than a relaxing day with the family

Editor: If a huge inheritance came your way, what would you do?
Scott: Hire someone in to do my job for a year and chill out travelling.

Editor: (and he doesn’t get the Sloth nick name?) Are you a cat or dog person?
Scott: Has to be a Cat, I mean they don’t need walking or cleaning they look after themselves don’t they?

Editor: Sloth is actually very apt for you, what would you rather do on a day off — spend the day watching TV or indulge in an outdoor activity?
Scott: Got to be an outdoor activity

Editor: Really?
Scott: Yes definitely, Can’t beat an afternoon at the crease or chilling with a few cold ones in the pavilion waiting to bat.

Editor: That makes more sense, where would you go on an all-expense paid trip?
Scott: The amazon rainforest as I find this part of the world most fascinating

Editor: Where would you rather go? A high-end restaurant for a gourmet meal or a simple restaurant for fast food?
Scott: That’s simple a restaurant for fast food with large portions, and they have got to be large portions as I have been known to send a meal back before because the portion was too small.

Editor: Finally have you ever told a white lie to anyone to get out of a tricky situation?
Scott:  Yes hasn’t everyone? and no i will not elaborate on it as it was probably to you.

Scott: Hang on I just got the “Sloth” thing, everyone thinks I’m laid back.
Editor: Are you still here Scott! The interview finished 10 minutes ago.

Horizon achieve Velux VIP 5 star installers Status

VIP InstallerThe VELUX name has long been a mark of quality, expertise and innovation. and by becoming a 5 star VELUX Installer Partner we can now offer our customers peace of mind when choosing and fitting roof windows knowing we are working with a company whose reputation in the roof window market is unsurpassed.

Now we are a VELUX Installer, we are part of a select team, combining our skills with the best products to give our customers the best advantage in choice of product range, innovative technology and expert technical advice.

Roofing deserves its own show case… its got it!

Anyone involved with the design, specification and construction of roofs in either the domestic or industrial sector will benefit from spending time at Roofex and in particular: Architects, Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Materials Engineers, Roofing Contractors, Public and Private Utility Companies, Local Authorities, Heritage RMI specialists, Specialist Roofing Merchants and Distribitors, Builders Merchants, Housing Associations.

roofex nec logo

  • Keep your business competitive by ensuring that you are using the latest and best technology
  • Learn how to work better, greener and safer
  • Meet your existing suppliers, talk to potential new members of your supply chain from home and abroad
  • See live product demos, attend specialist training workshops, ask questions of the technical staff
  • Network with your peers, make new contacts, discover new opportunities
  • Stay abreast of all new legislation such as Building Regs discuss with experts at the show how they might affect you

Roofex 2013 is the perfect opportunity top see your industry gathered under one roof and learn what really makes it tick!