Innovative Bat Vent from Cembrit

Bat Vent from Cembrit is an innovative slate roof accessory which allows roosting bats an uninterrupted path between the interior and exterior of a roof space. Designed in association with the Bat Conservation Trust in London, Bat Vent is compatible with many common slate finishes and sizes, and the ideal solution

BatVent_webfor contractors, architects and specifiers who work within the law on bat roosts. “Bat roosts are associated with older buildings, many of which have slate roofs,” says Ged Ferris Marketing Manager of Cembrit. “When encountered, a bat roost can disrupt a project as they are protected – whether or not bats are present at the time – so they require sensitive and effective handling. Bat Vent is a simple to install solution that fits neatly into the profile of a slate roof to allow the roost to remain active and work on the project to continue.”Bat Vent is comprised of a vacuum formed weathering cowl and injection moulded under-base to form a chamber that eases access for bats into the roof space.  A factory applied non-slip surface allows bats to grip on landing, a further useful detail of the unit.All 17 species of bat in theUKare protected by law. Legislation differs around the UK, but in summary it is illegal to kill, injure or disturb bats; obstruct access to bat roosts; damage or disturb bat roosts, further details can be found in the following legislation:

• Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981: England, Scotland and Wales
• Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985: Northern Ireland
• Wildlife Act 1990: Isle of Man
• Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000:England and Wales
• Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004: Scotland
• Habitats Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC) on the
• Conservation of Natural Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora.

A disturbance’ includes any work in or affecting a bat roost, which under the law is any structure or place used by bats for shelter or protection. In order to work within the law, seek advice from the appropriate SNCO (Statutory Nature Conservation Organisations) in any situation where an operation may affect bats or their roosts.
Cembrit can also offer advice on best practice and a Bat Vent datasheet is available on request.